I work with iart, a studio for media architectures known for seamlessly integrating the digital with physical spaces, thus engaging with innovations like mixed reality platforms to create smart city interfaces, for example, visitor experiences.

Staring out at Publicis (Zurich) early in my career, I soon became a Swiss transplant to New York, cutting my teeth at agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather. The rise of digital technology found me working with the pioneering streaming entertainment platform, MCI Music World, a gig that prepared me for my expansion  into the realm of public diplomacy, working with Presence Switzerland (Swiss Foreign Ministry),  where I helped to create one of the earliest social media platforms in use by a national agency, Swiss Roots targeted, at Swiss living abroad and admirers of Swiss culture.

Beyond PRS, I continued to work in nation branding, culture marketing, producing business, cultural, and tech initiatives. Clients ranged from the fields of architecture, art, tech, and academia: raumlaborBerlin, Storefront for Art & Architecture, City of Berlin, ETH Zurich New York Outpost, and Basel Area are a few notables.

In 2019, I joined iart, a studio for media architectures operating out of Basel. My role at iart is business development and strategy, but in many respects it can be described as using my network skills to create the optimum conditions for innovation to happen. iart is at the cutting edge of digital technology, working with architects, developers, urban planners, museums, and brands to realise distinct creative visions, applying a combo of emergent practices and traditional tech to tackle complex engineering and scenographic challenges. In my role, I “midwife” these projects into being by bringing the right resources and people together at the right time.